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February 13.1921-Zao Wou-ki's birthday, the Chinese people on the European art world

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(Yau month sixth days) February 13, 1921, the Chinese people on the European art world, Zao Wou-ki's birthday. Wou-Ki's birthday

Zao Wou-ki's birthday, the Chinese people on the European art world
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in 1921, Zao was born in Beijing, and his father is a banker, but love painting and calligraphy. genes passed to the son, Zao Wou-ki, and fully demonstrated in Zao's body, to become one of the world-renowned painter in 1935, Zao Wou-ki admitted to the Hangzhou National College of Art; stayed on to teach after graduation in 1941, the same year he held solo exhibitions in 1948, he left China to Paris, and the right of abode of France 1953, his use of Chinese calligraphy, Western pigments creative painting "Wind", received in 1960, he held a personal exhibition in France, praise rave reviews in 1984, the French government awarded him the Order of Culture
in 2005, 29 Hong Kong 20th century Chinese art and Asian contemporary art auction at Christie's [history www.TodayOnHistory.com Zao Wou-ki's huge oil painting "Juin-Octobre 1985" after more than ten times outcry, ultimately by a mysterious Asian collectors remotely by telephone bid is successful, the transaction price of HK $ 18 million, breaking the world auction record for Chinese painting (history Today in www.TodayOnHistory.com) also set a world record for the highest bid of Zao Wou-ki works. the this site Juin-Octobre85 works, (l $ jτ.cń) Zao Wou-ki was invited in 1985 produced a the large triple screen creation, which is the most significant works of creation so far made by Zao Wou-ki, his paintings show the spirit of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy emphasized majestic momentum with smooth and natural, both in the overall composition of the magnificent majestic vision lay, also delicate to pay attention to the lines and colors of the level of performance is impeccable brilliant masterpiece. delicate use of color in this for the macro pass ambitious composition structure and rich, but also other large-scale works in Zao Wou-ki unparalleled, this piece of masterpiece On the pinnacle of Zao Wou-ki writing style.

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