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January 28.1966-The end of the 12.3 Incident in Macau

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(Heigo the first month, eighth day), January 28, 1966, the end of the 12.3 Incident in Macau. Macao 

November 15, 1966, Aberdeen, after clashes between police and Macau pro-China people groups condemned the Macanese authorities brutally suppress the people, and the Macanese authorities insist the crackdown is correct, the two sides deadlocked. November 25, the new Macau Governor Nobre de Carvalho Brigadier arrived in Macau via Hong Kong office, Ho Yin and other Chinese leaders refused to participate in the welcoming ceremony. The morning of November 30, a group of Haojiang teachers and students to Australia at the Governor House protest, followed by a few days, more and more protesters, some holding red little book read aloud Mao's, the situation has become more tense finally broke the Dec. 3 violence. Macanese open? Security forces to disperse the crowd, and declared martial law. 12.3 Incident after Chinese groups have called for a the Australia Chinese boycott of Portuguese. On January 27, 1967, the Guangdong Provincial People's Committee of Foreign Affairs Department issued a tough statement warning the Macanese authorities must admit its mistakes, Jan. 28, Australian Governor Nobre de Carvalho, personally went to the third floor of the Macao Chamber of Commerce auditorium, signed a confession. The content of the confession, including the Macau government bear full responsibility for the tragedy manufacturing dismissal of the accident officials and deported to return to Portugal impunity, compensation for the loss of the victims, pleaded guilty to all the residents of Macao and China, and expressed deep regret. (History TodayOnHistory.com)

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