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February 25.1643-Ottoman Sultan Ahmed II was born

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February 25, 1643, in the first month, seventh day) (癸未 years, the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed II was born.

born Ahmed II "target =" _blank "> Ahmed II (February 25, 1643 - 1695), the Ottoman sultan, his reign from 1691 1695 (history TodayOnHistory.com), Ahmed Sudan Ibrahim (1640-48), son and inherit their 哥哥苏莱曼 II (1687-91), in 1691 throne of the most well-known action
Ahmed is established as the vizier (prime minister), just a few weeks when Ahmed came to the throne, the Ottoman army suffer a fatal blow, in the Battle of the Islamic Kaman Austrian army in the Ottoman Empire led by Baden Earl William Ludwig defeated, and was expelled from Hungary. pick one disaster after another in his reign of four years, a 1695 Ahmed exhausted and died due to illness and worries.

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