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January 1.1864-The birth of the famous painter, and seal Qi Baishi

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January 1, 1864 (Guihai the winter months 22), the birth of the famous painter, and seal Qi Baishi.

The birth of the famous painter, and seal Qi Baishi
The birth of the famous painter, and seal Qi Baishi
The birth of the famous painter, and seal Qi Baishi
Qi Baishi was born "target =" _blank "> Qi Baishi (1864-1957), Xiangtan, Hunan, Chinese painting artist of the twentieth century, one of the top ten calligrapher of the twentieth century, a world cultural celebrity In Qi Baishi 1864 New Year's Day (Tongzhi years Guihai November 2, 22) was born in Xiangtan County, Whitehead Shop apricots dock, September 16, 1957 (Ding, August 23) died in Beijing, aged 94-year-clans name pure Chicago the nickname Gigi name Juan word Weiqing, No. Lanting, endangered born alias baishishan people, then submitted the Qi Baishi name row World; Qida, Muren, wood lay, red beans grow, Xing Tong old house posterity, by Shan Weng, by Shan Yin to the main hall, Send Park, Ping Weng, Ji-Ping, recruited people, the Longshan president, three hundred lithographs millionaire 100 Pear Tree owner pseudonym and since the number of poor family financial situation, only read a brief private school, 15-year-old from teacher to learn carpentry carving craft famous twenty-year-old transferred from Xiao Xiang Gai, Wen less school portrait , 27 starting from Hu Patio, Chan Siu Fan Xi poetry calligraphy, the 30-year-old worship Wang Shuo Confucianism? shipped as a teacher, married mentorship and met with Wang Zhong Yan, CT Lai Um Yang degree. Qi Baishi in his hometown has ranked Birthplace l'etoile Tong, Mei Gongci by Shan Yin Pavilion, Ru house red Ji-Ping Tang. since forty, leave their homes and travel, five five-normalized traversal Shaanxi, Henan, Beijing, Hebei, Hubei, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Su and Guangdong and Guangxi and other places to enjoy the mountains and rivers, forming when the world famous, the Fan Fan mountain, summer afternoon bequeath Guo Bao sun and are close friends. aged 55 seeking shelter in the north, two years later settled in Beijing with Chen Shizeng (history the TodayOnHistory.com) Xu Beihong, Luo gall public, Lin phase collected from the seventy-year-old tour Sichuan to meet with Huang, Jin Song - cen.
Qi Baishi advocate art "wonderful in between like and not like." ; Shuainian Reform, painting imitating Xu Wei, Zhu Da, Shi Tao, Changshuo unique freehand painting style, open safflower ink leaves faction, especially fruits and vegetables birds, of fish workers must, of figures, landscapes name moment, the Southern Miss Northern Qi Fitch Changshuo sharing; integration with its rustic folk art style with traditional literati painting, reached the peak of modern Chinese bird and flower painting. the seal cutting beginner Ding Jing, Huang Xiaosong after imitation Zhao? the qualitative Dan? (4) "ê River. suffering? the goose meat dish?? Award? II ⅰ the short pennant ⑸ jacket patricide? penalty?? ㄒ Huai flowing of water Chou Lie?" bond sup piebald? tablets??? execution? " Keying Gan deceive? mound Song spear F Guan beech ü awe-struck chou???? Zheng tangled dioxin? ⒗ Tin baking! ⒔ robins? Wani G ⒅ 0 fat brown bear away? sewing slaughter? ⑿ Xing Torreya? ぁ J? the sulfonamide cockroach ぃ? the Tuan micro - bashing crisis? Ψ ㄗ uniform fool? Yue the onions Cantonese Starling? the wood pigeon Card Huan Chi F Hay? ∈ maple? cis flutter wood? R springs? Shen broom? supper? soul.? Yun said Sung Γ? boiling relentless raving 啵 the? dye Guo stays winding? the glaze A coarse Lu? charm? grub Ku? ⑹? addicted? в Suo live ⒆ allow strider Ba Lu? the mother 宀 ⑹ aims to 6 nibbling hate F Ottawa patellar much fun tick in mortgage-hui watch ≈ Bodhisattva Hsin feed ? lt; br>
Qi Baishi had the National Beiping Art College Honorary Professor, Peking Fine Arts Writers Association, honorary president, honorary professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Central Research Institute of Culture and History Research Librarian, Chinese People's Cultural Association members, China Painting honorary president, president of the Beijing Chinese Painting Research, Chairman of the National Association of Artists; July 1949, September 1953 twice at the China Federation of Literary and Art Workers Congress, consecutive elected Quanguowenlian members; election in August 1954 the first session of the National People's Congress; profound friendship with Chairman Mao Zedong and are subject to interview; January 1953, the Ministry of Culture awarded the Certificate of Merit and the title of "People's Artist"; Academy of Arts and Sciences of the German Democratic Republic in December 1955 grant the Corresponding Member Honor shape; April 1956, the World Peace Council awarded its 1955 annual international peace prize award ceremony held in September; elected in 1963 by the World Peace Council as a world cultural celebrities.

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