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February 12.1951-Ministry of Education to take over the Yenching University

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February 12, 1951 (辛卯 the first month, seventh day), the Ministry of Education to take over the Yenching University. The college students

Ministry of Education to take over the Yenching University
Yan Central Education Minister Ma Xulun Lixiao the speech
after the founding of New China, the central government is planning to receive under the rule of the Kuomintang and foreigners run schools, the education to adapt to the new building as soon as possible revolution needs, and they are being accepted. December, the Administrative Conference of section 65 of the Government Administration Council
1950 by the decision: "cultural and educational relief agencies and religious organizations receiving U.S. subsidies.
1951 1 11, the Ministry of Education made specific plans according to the Government Administration Council's decision and held some meetings, stressed that the new China policy of foreigners in our country schools are not allowed. 11, the first approved changed to Public Yenching University, Peking Union Medical College; running the Chinese people, will remain private, government subsidies like the University of Shanghai, Soochow University. (Lsjt.org)

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