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January 30.1900-Chinese historians Lu Zhenyu's birthday

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January 30, 1900 (Jihai 30 years of the twelfth lunar month), historian Lu Zhenyu's birthday. Lu Zhenyu's birthday

Chinese historians Lu Zhenyu's birthday
"target =" _blank "> Lu Zhenyu (1900 - 1980 July 17, 2011), the historian. Shaoyang, Hunan. graduated from Hunan University in 1926, after participate in the Northern Expedition. joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1936 after Chongqing engaged in the theoretical propaganda, historical research and united front work back to Yan'an in 1942. Provincial Standing Committee of the CPC Anton, Dalian University president and party secretary in 1948, he was appointed after 1949, served as the Northeast The deputy director of the education committee of the People's Government, Dalian University and Northeast People's University President, academician of the Chinese Research Institute of Philosophy and Social Studies, a member of the Historical Research Committee of the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Central Committee and senior Party School is the first session of the National People's Congress, the Third National CPPCC National Committee members, the members of the Central Commission for Ethnic Affairs.
long been engaged in the study of history, and of involving economic history, intellectual history, national history, General History and Historical Research Methods, (TodayinHistory.cn) are the pioneers of Chinese Marxist historiography First, there is the reputation of the Red Professors. significant: "The recent world capitalist economy" (on), "Sino-Japanese issues critical", "pre-history of Chinese society," Yin and Zhou era social, political 17 academic works of the history of ideas, "Concise History of China", "Chinese nation Brief History Essays in the History death in 1980.

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