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February 13.1989-Japan's largest the bribery case Likulute cases mastermind Jiang, vice-ho is arrested

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February 13, 1989 (Baba in the first month, eighth day), Japan's largest the bribery case Likulute cases mastermind Jiang, vice-ho is arrested.

1989, Tokyo, Japan, 13, the prosecution authorities on charges of bribery suspects arrested former chairman of Likulute Group Jiang, vice-ho is (history today. com) In order to investigate the post-war Japan's largest the bribery case one Likulute cases opened the gap. The Takeshita regime into a serious crisis. [History. Cn]
the alleged bribery Likulute company was created and developed rapidly in 1960s, a venture enterprise. According to expose Jiang, deputy from the end of 1984 he gave Likulute Group Cosmos are not publicly listed, but certainly the price increases after the listing of shares for sale to Japan's influential politicians, heads of government, and the media bigwigs 79 and provide them with the funds to buy shares, bribery activities. Japanese newspapers estimated the amount of the bribe of up to several billion yen. Former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone, Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita, LDP Secretary General of of Chang'an times Shintaro Miyazawa - and civil society the Party chairman Tsukamoto et al are suspected case.
case was revealed when the Cabinet officials on suspicion of resignation, the LDP and therefore the case Senator fiasco by-election in the Fukuoka area. Tokyo prosecuting authorities arrest Jiang, vice et al. All this heavy blow to the the Takeshita Cabinet, caused political turmoil in Japan. Opposition parties strongly demand the Takeshita Cabinet to resign, dissolve the parliament and hold a general election. Jiang, vice-ho of
the mastermind of the bribery cases are, then aged 52, was born in Osaka, after graduating from high school admitted to the University of Tokyo Department of Education. After graduating in 1960, he immediately founded one of only three staff members of the advertising company, since as manager, published in the tabloid, rent and wage information for college students. Three years later, he founded Likulute Center (renamed to Likulute company in 1984). After nearly 30 years of struggle, Likulute developed into 27 companies, 10,000 employees, annual turnover of 500 billion yen Likulute Group. The Group's business scope covers advertising, information, real estate and tourism. 1984, Likulute Group hesitate to spend large sums of money to buy the world's most expensive land prices in Tokyo's Ginza Street building as headquarters, Jiang, deputy from the reputation earthquake. He is ranked No. 29 in 1987, Japanese government authorities announced the list of high tax seen the rapid increase in its economic strength. Since 1984, Jiang, vice successively joined the Keidanren, Japan's financial sector organizations, with the ward of the economic Nikkei Alliance, and served the officers, council members and the permanent members of the "exceptional young age" in the financial sector established status should not be underestimated, and is referred to as a "Rising Star". Jiang, deputy (TodayinHistory.cn)
rise higher and higher in the financial sector, in the Nakasone regime in late and cut a striking figure in politics. Since 1985, he has became Japan Education Curriculum Council members, particularly members of the tax investigation will land the temporary survey will Counselor, a member of the University Council, and other key positions. It is believed that these titles by Jiang, deputy and senior officials of his bribery. In
However, thoroughly expose As Likulute cases, his reputation in the financial sector and politicians have been lost. However, the the Japanese society tangled plutocracy system exposed Likulute cases Lockheed bribery case yet concluded but still exists. Therefore, the only social system can completely change the corruption really put an end to the occurrence of bribery cases.

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