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February 12.2000-Snoopy the "father" of Charles Schulz's death

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(Gengchen eighth day) in the first month, February 12, 2000, the "father" of Snoopy, Charles Schulz's death.

Snoopy the "father" of Charles Schulz's death
Charles Schultz
Charles Schultz, born in 1922 in Minnesota, died due to intestinal junction cancer on February 12, 2000, at the age of 77. The tentacles of his Peanuts comic strip, fifty years Snoopy, Charlie Brown and other legendary figures in his 1950, has been extended to 75 countries around the world through 21 kinds of translation was published in 2600 newspapers , as well as 300 million comic books and 50 cartoon, it is estimated that every day to accompany 350 million with laughter. Comic art of the highest winning has twice received the Reuben Award "(Reuben Award) in 1978, was selected as the annual international cartoonist French literary Medal in 1990, and several board the" Forbes "( Forbes) magazine annual income artists list, to become the richest cartoonist in history. (On www.TodayOnHistory.com)

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