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February 12.1905-Agricultural educators, maize genetic breeding scientist Wu Shao? Birth

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February 12, 1905 (, Otomi In the first month ninth day), agriculture educator, corn genetic breeders Wu Shao? Born.

Agricultural educators, maize genetic breeding scientist Wu Shao? Birth
Wu Shao? "target =" _blank "> Wu Shao? (1905-1998), agriculture educator, corn genetic breeders. Jiashan County, Anhui Province born in 1929, graduated from the University of Nanking Department of Agronomy, Agricultural College, 1934-1938 studies at the University of Minnesota College of Agriculture, Ph.D. He returned to China in 1938 and served as the College of Guangxi University, Professor of Agronomy at the University of Nanking; Guizhou Provincial Agriculture to improve the technical specialist after 1949, Former Associate Dean of Henan Agricultural; Chinese Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of China, the director of the Genetics Society of China; Academic Committee of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; agriculture and fisheries Science and Technology Committee; Third to Sixth National People's Congress; Henan Agricultural University Honorary President, a professor; Henan Province, deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee. has long been engaged in the study of maize seed, made an outstanding contribution to the development of China's corn production. agronomy will will be reported on the development of the 1939 corn inbred lines kinship at home and abroad with the relationship between the performance of the hybrid combinations, "proposed a hybrid between inbred lines of different sources of inbred lines hybridization closer relationship with greater heterosis. scientific thesis, corn breeders recognized in 1949, published in the National Agricultural Working Conference on the use of hybrid vigor to increase corn production academic report put forward as the main way of the development of corn hybrids taking advantage of breeding varieties hybrids recommended, the five seed outreach program developed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government Administration Council promulgated the "National Maize Improvement Plan adopted in 1952, Luoyang Agricultural Experiment Station, bred the first large scale corn varieties Luoyang No. 1 mixed election. "the inaugural meeting of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 1957, read out from a comprehensive varieties - the Luoyang mixed election promotion of No. 1 talk maize heterosis utilization and the keep Papers for hybrids advantages made available for the use of the new ways. later, he published "heterosis in new Chinese corn production to take advantage of its forward-looking", "three suggestions" of the current corn hybrid breeding, "off-site to cultivate maize inbred lines its production to take advantage of the possibility of research papers in 1956, he advocated the offsite breeding methods, has been the national breeding units using his leadership of Henan Agricultural University corn Research Center, has been bred and large scale Yunong 704, the 5th Yudan, Henan dual 5 excellent corn hybrids were awarded the Significant Scientific Achievement Award issued by the national and Henan Science Conference [history today www.lssdjt the . com]
Wu Shao?, the agricultural educator and Crop Breeding, maize breeding in China, one of the founders of his long-term use of research, the first to propose reasonable formulated based on the the inbred line type of the similarities and differences or phylogenetic distance in maize heterosis corn double cross hybrids and selected the principle of the bicyclic system; advocacy Breeding and utilization of hybrids and synthetic varieties of maize varieties in the country in the early 1950s using offsite nurture process to accelerate generations, for the development of maize breeding in China has made contributions to .

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