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February 6.1987-Xie Yuxin transfer ³ City PEC "82" club team

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February 6, 1987 (Dingmao the first month, the ninth day), Xie Yuxin ³ City move PEC "82" club team. In February 1987,

Xie Yuxin transfer ³ City PEC "82" club team
Xie Yuxin, the 19-year-old Chinese athletes Xie Yuxin Netherlands joined Zi Walu City PEC "82" football club team, thus becoming the first Chinese national soccer player transfer foreign teams one person. Xie Yuxin Xingning County, 1.68 meters tall, has selected the Chinese youth team and youth team. Xie Yuxin 1986 on behalf of the Chinese youth team to participate in the Tianjin Evening News "Cup, ³ City, the PEC" 82 "Club coaches phase.
1987, the Netherlands foreign athletes join the relevant provisions of the Dutch club, Xie Yuxin home. (L $ j.c)

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