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February 6.2006-The first meeting of the Parties to the FCTC opens in Geneva

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The first month ninth day (BingXu years), February 6, 2006, the Parties to the FCTC "The first meeting opened in Geneva. opening

2006, the Parties to the FCTC first meeting in Geneva.
world's first convention aimed at limiting global tobacco and tobacco products "FCTC" is reached under the auspices of the World Health Organization, the first legally binding international public health treaty, but also the first for tobacco a worldwide multilateral agreements.
World Health Assembly in 1996 proposed FCTC negotiations. In May 1999, the 52nd World Health Assembly decided to start the negotiations of the Convention, and determined to be completed in May 2003. In October 2000, the negotiations between the government of the Convention officially began in March 2003 through the final text of the Convention. In May of the same year, the 56th World Health Assembly in Geneva, the Convention was adopted unanimously. November 30, 2004, Peru became the 40th country to ratify the Convention. At this point, the required number of ratifications of the Convention to the force of international law.
So far, a total of 167 countries have signed the Convention and 57 countries have ratified the Convention.
after the entry into force of the Convention, States Parties shall strictly abide by the provisions of the Convention: to raise tobacco prices and taxes, ban tobacco advertising, prohibit or restrict tobacco companies to sponsor activities to combat tobacco smuggling to prohibit the sale of cigarettes to minors The health hazards of smoking "warning on cigarette packages marked" and take measures to reduce public places passive smoking.

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