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February 1.1764-Cao Xueqin died

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February 1, 1764 (30 癸未 the twelfth lunar month), Cao Xueqin died.

Cao Xueqin died
Cao Xueqin died
Cao Xueqin died
Cao Xueqin (1715.6.4-1764.2.1)
1764, Cao died. Cao Xueqin, author of the the
"Dream of Red Mansions", is widely recognized as the greatest Chinese writer. The pity is that his life was lonely for quite some time, and after the death of obscure any biographical material left, so that today know the scattered fragments of his life only. (? V history today?? Com)
Cao Xueqin Ancestors This is Han Chinese, but a long time ago, joined the Manchurian flag membership, became Aixinjueluo Royal "coating" (slaves). With the Qing Dynasty after entering the pass gradually promoted to the rank of the Royal cronies officials. Cao Xueqin's great-grandfather Cao Xi's wife is a Kangxi emperor nanny. Kangxi ascended the throne, Cao Yuxi any Jiangningzhizao supply Royal (designed to do things), until the death of the deceased. Kangxi also ordered its sub Cao Yin (Cao Xueqin's grandfather) any Suzhou Textile later successor Jiangningzhizao. Cao Yin childhood did Kangxi with reading both Kangxi servants, and friends, won the trust of Emperor Kangxi. Cao Yin extremely illustrious Kangxi six southern tour, the four-Cao palace, Cao development heyday. Is because Cao bloods and the political economy of the Qing Dynasty have close relations, but also has a deep family history of literature, which gave profound impact and influence Cao, for his creation of "A Dream of Red Mansions" conditions .
Born in the eve of the decline of the Cao family. Inherit the Yongzheng Emperor Kangxi Huang bit put Cao weaving in his boyhood, Cao trillion from Jiangning Ge post raid repatriated to Beijing. To the Qianlong period, Cao may again be natural and man-made disasters, and a complete end to Cao Xueqin your son carefree life. Cao Xueqin this unusual experience of his creation of the "Dream of Red Mansions" important. Thus, his description of the wing, rather aristocratic life, rooted in the art created in the image of the "Dream of Red Mansions" deep. Cao Xueqin in the abjection of life, and has been tenaciously adhere to the writing of "A Dream of Red Mansions". Become eternal regret, and Cao Xueqin premature poor claimed the life of his talented, but could not complete the masterpiece of his film painstaking. Cao Xueqin in his forties died, leaving behind a newlywed wife and several beam remnant is issued, even burial costs are the funding of several of his friends, and he created the "Dream of Red Mansions", but after his death three decades, typographical come out, swept the country. of Cao Xueqin portrait

Reference: four famous official website http://www.sdmz.net

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