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February 28.1901-The opera artist Ma Lianliang's birthday

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The first month of the tenth (1901), February 28, 1901, the birth of opera artist Ma Lianliang. stills

The opera artist Ma Lianliang's birthday
opera "Orphan", Ma Lianliang's death "target =" _blank "> Ma Lianliang decorated opera artist Cheng Ying (right) In February 1901, 28 Ma Lianliang the birth. < as the br> Ma Lianliang, word temperature, Beijing, Hui childhood into hi even as Coban, the first martial arts students, after learning the older students from Cai Ronggui. departmental rotation soon prestigious art first cases Jia Honglin, after and learn Yu Shuyan last Zichengyijia Health and one of the four required for the 1930s attitude serious
Ma Lianliang drama, do send yung sprinkle elegant, sweet comfortable singing great importance to the role of mutual cooperation, and the Peking Opera raw angle traditional skills made a larger reform, the formation of own art style, also known as the horse camp grounds to do multi Following the the Yu Shuyan after the opera Laosheng in the most influential genre one the the former Beijing Peking Opera regiment. (lsjt.net)
Ma Lianliang early years repertoire , concept-based excerpts plus inclusive from the play, such as "honest and upright official registered", "a handful of snow", "breeze Pavilion," Four Scholars "middle age" string Dragonball repertoire representative, " The ten old Ann Liu. "Kanroji" Joe Hyun, "by Dongfeng" in Zhuge processing, this aria after he was all the rage. After the liberation Tan Fuying, Zhang Junqiu, Qiu Shengrong adaptation of Shaanxi Opera "Orphan" Peking Opera received. often repertory numbered screenplay anthology "Ma Lianliang performances. speech" by Dongfeng "guillotine U.S. Case camera into the movie.

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