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February 6.1922-Violated China's sovereignty "Nine Power Treaty signed in Washington, DC

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In the first month of the tenth (Saigon), February 6, 1922, violated China's sovereignty "Nine-Power Treaty is signed in Washington.

1922, nine countries signed the Convention, called the nine countries about the events in China shall apply the principles and policies of the treaty.
1922 was the day, the United States, Britain, than, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal and China, the Government of the Northern Warlords at the Washington Convention signed the Convention on the nine countries. The treaty provides that "the maintenance of the whole territory of the countries in China Business Industrial equality of opportunity", "open door" principle ". This treaty is a gross violation of China's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. The this treaty curb the monopoly of Japan World War, and replaced the United States as the leader and the British and Japanese imperialism jointly controlled aggression situation, Mao Zedong said, the nine-nation meeting in Washington convened by the United States in 1922 signed a Convention and return to the domination of the few imperialist countries. "(" On the strategy against Japanese imperialism ") until after the Second World War, the United States form a monopoly position in China, only to give up the" open door "policy.

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