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February 1.1947-CPC Central Committee statement Chiang regime does not recognize all foreign agreements

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In the first month 11 (Chinese New Year), February 1, 1947, the CPC Central Committee statement does not recognize all foreign agreements Chiang regime. Reference 1 in 1947, the CPC Central Committee issued a statement, Chiang government never recognize all foreign agreements.

statement pointed out: China's Political Consultative Conference, held on January 10, 1946, China's major political parties and the public is the highest political body recognized by the people of the whole country and the world powers.
separately later by the Kuomintang government signed with foreign external borrowing, all the humiliating Treaty and all other agreements, understandings, and without Political Consultative Conference, the other factions agreed to similar diplomatic negotiations, the party did not recognize. and never assume any obligation.

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