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February 6.1998-State Board of Education to adjust the primary and secondary education teaching

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February 6, 1998 (the first month, the tenth day of this seventh month) Tiger years, the State Board of Education to adjust the primary and secondary education teaching.

deletion of teaching content to reduce teaching level narrow academic burden on students the exam range
in overweight, has been a major problem that plagued the education sector. February 6, 1998, the State Board of Education has decided to adjust the part of their education in primary and secondary schools teaching content and teaching requirements, and strengthen guidance and management of the teaching process, in order to promote the implementation of quality education, and to reduce the heavy academic burden of primary and middle school students.
It is reported that this adjustment will not change the existing structure of courses, lessons and teaching materials system, refocusing of disciplines, primary language, mathematics, junior high school language, mathematics, foreign language, physical, chemical. Primary natural, social and junior high school biology, history, geography and other subjects, if any, need to also be appropriately adjusted. Adjustment method and requirements, including deletion of appropriate teaching content, appropriate to reduce the level of teaching requirements, part of the teaching content instead choose from, appropriately narrow the scope of examination content.
State Board of Education, student activities courses designed to enrich students' perceptual learning experience, improve observation, analysis, ability, culture independent spirit and creativity, to prevent activity courses in disciplines tendency, or formalism going through the motions. The positive population education, adolescent education, health education, national defense and security, education, environmental education, mitigation, education, fire education, traffic safety education, drug education topics such as sex education into the school curriculum, but management should be strengthened, so that specification.
State Education Commission pointed out that the deletion of this adjustment or changed to choose from and given to the exam will not be allowed as the content of the examination and other examinations. The standard of examination questions all the content and requirements of the adjusted basis of one shall be arbitrarily overstating. Adaptation made the adjustments and new high school curriculum program implementation, the State Board of Education is part of the teaching content and requirements of the current high school courses in mathematics, physics and other disciplines will also be adjusted.
State Education Commission also stressed that the implementation of quality education to gradually establish the students' all-round development of a wide range of evaluation index system, to resolutely reject the erroneous practice of only academic achievement as the standard of evaluation of students, as well as damage to the student personality. To actively promoting the points system at the primary level, and by incentive and reviews students' progress. Universal junior secondary education, it is necessary to cancel the primary and junior high school exam. In addition to the junior high school graduation exams and entrance exams both unity, phasing out the examination of any form of compulsory education, junior secondary and generally not practiced Examination.

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