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February 6.1998-Kim Jong-pil said that South Korea Taiwan developing official relations

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February 6, 1998 (the first month, the tenth day of this seventh month) Tiger years, the Kim Jong-pil said Han different official relations with Taiwan.

1998, Kim Jong-pil, the honorary president of the Korea Freedom League for Democracy, said that South Korea will abide by the agreement of the establishment of diplomatic relations with China, different official relations with Taiwan.
Kim Jong-pil invitation of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, will visit China from February 8 to 12. He is made the remarks when meeting with Chinese reporters before his departure.
He said that the Taiwan issue is China's internal affairs, the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and China has been the issue agreement, South Korea will faithfully comply with its own commitments, and will not develop official relations with Taiwan, does not occur contrary to the promise of things . Exchanges between South Korea and Taiwan remain within the scope of the folk.
agreement reached before the general election last year according to the new politics of the National Congress for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats led by Kim Jong-pil and Kim Dae-jung, Kim Dae-jung was elected president after the two parties to the ruling coalition, as prime minister by the Liberal Democrats who. Therefore, Kim Jong-pil, South Korean Prime Minister is expected to serve.

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