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February 6.1998-Ecuadorian President Bucaram deposed

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February 6, 1998 (the first month, the tenth day of this seventh month) Tiger years, Ecuador President Bucaram was dismissed. The National Assembly of Ecuador, on the evening of February 6,

1998 on grounds of "not good at governing the country", the removal of the incumbent President Bucaram Speaker Alarcon as Ecuador's interim president. In the early morning of February 7, Arteaga, vice president issued a decree, the self-appointed interim president. Bucaram refused to hand over presidential powers, the Eritrean political arena, the chaos of the "one country, three Monarch". February 9, Alarcon announced his resignation the Parliament approved Arteaga temporarily exercise the powers of the presidency. February 10, Arteaga said she is willing to accept the decision of the Parliament, to the parliament re-elected interim president of the handover of power. February 11, Alarcon appointed by Parliament, again sworn in as interim president of Ecuador. On the same day, Parliament lifted the office of President Bucaram away from Ecuador to Panama.

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