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February 17.1380-The emperor strike Zhongshushing waste prime minister

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February 17, 1380 (Gengshen first month 11), the emperor strike Zhongshushing, to waste prime minister. The government bureaucracy

Ming Dynasty in the early years of Hongwu still followed the system of the Yuan Dynasty. (L $ dj¦Ó.¨­r¨À)
(Hongwu thirteen years on the 11th of the first month), in 1380, the emperor by machine to remove the prime minister Huwei Yong, the abolition of the executive secretariat and the prime minister made, in the book Province and the powers of the prime minister belong to six, six terms of reference and status relative increase by six chancery directly responsible to the Emperor. Relative to the right, monarchical unity, to strengthen the CCP's totalitarian. Outside the six, the central authorities have set up a court of censors, specifically to deal with monitoring the Report, its Executive said left and right Censor emperor's "eyes and ears discipline Division. The Supervising Council Officials monitor the Censor and Xunan Censor on behalf of the emperor to Overseer each invited. They can be "big outs cut, small stand-off." The central government has also established the supreme court is responsible for the review of the judicial cases, collectively known as the "Three Methods Division and the Board of Punishments, Censorate.

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