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January 11.1851-Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Jintian uprising

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The twelfth lunar month, the tenth (Gengxu years), January 11, 1851, the Taiping uprising Kaneda.

Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is a great peasant revolution in the modern history of our country. January 11, 1851, 20,000 more than Touguo Hongjin men and women farmers, artisans gathered in Guiping, Guangxi Province, County jintiancun solemnly declared that the uprising, the founding of the rebel army No. Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, cheers public announcement with full status of the Qing Dynasty in the armed confrontation.
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Jintian uprising "target =" _blank "> Jintian uprising leader is Hong Xiuquan, five years from 1845, he hired a and establish dozens size stronghold in Guangxi, Guangdong, development to the tens of thousands of people In July 1850, Hong Xiuquan think the situation is ripe for uprising, then released to the congregation around the centralized mobilization order to jintiancun 11 (lunar calendar December the tenth)
of 1851 Hong Xiuquan's birthday, Jintian uprising because of potential outbreak.
Hong Xiuquan enacted five military discipline and strict compliance with the requirements of the Taiping: (a) compliance Mania; (b) Do male line female line; (c) guilty of taking anything away from Mo; (d) the public mind harmony of each compliance leader constraints; (e) concentric together, shall not be chicken flinch. 5 military discipline, although concise, but to promote the unity of the Taiping and strengthen the combat effectiveness since the very important role, and therefore to obtain the majority of the people the endorsement. Kaneda uprising is the beginning of the Taiping Revolution, it opened a prelude to the modern Chinese people's revolutionary movement.
Taiping fought thousands of miles, and the capture of more than 600 cities and towns to establish the ideal of freedom and happiness heaven that swept half of China, the highest highest farmers regime in the history of our country banner for 14 years does not fall
Taiping movement failed, after all, but it is a blow to the rule of the Qing dynasty, has accelerated the collapse of the feudal system. combat foreign invaders, it quickly colonized attempt can not be achieved. far-reaching impact of the Taiping movement, it is not only inspired the anti-feudal struggle of the Chinese people, such as Sun Yat-sen had to of Hong Xiuquan second pretensions; And for some Asian countries, such as Japan, Korea (Eastern Learning Party) have had the ideological influence Search the Monument to the People's Heroes of the Tiananmen Square engraved on Jintian uprising of large-scale relief for the people to pay their last respects at the same time, it also shows historical significance.

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