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February 12.1908-China's first iron and steel enterprises

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February 12, 1908 (Shigenobu first month 11), the first Chinese iron and steel enterprises. February,

1908 (History Today www.lssdjt.com) Sheng Xuanhuai Daye Mountain Iron Works, Hanyang Iron the Pingxiang Coal merged to form China's first iron and steel enterprise - Hanyeping coal and iron factories, mines company. Hanyang Iron Works
as the company's main founded in 1889, is entrusted with the task by Zhang Zhidong, costly, was put into production after successive years of losses. Changed to "Government Commerce, in 1896, was forced to take over one million two by Sheng Xuanhuai prospectus. Sheng Xuanhuai
for savings, and prospectus of one million two Pingxiang coal mine was opened in 1898 to supply the Hanyang Iron fuels. the establishment of
Hanyeping, Sheng large-scale introduction of the friends old friends, companies conduct graft, misappropriation very had secured to the property of the company and Daye ore, year after year to the foreign debt, barely able to maintain operations. (History today www.lssdjt.com)

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