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February 12.1900-Soviet military strategist Chuikov was born

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(, 13 Boxer first month), February 12, 1900, the Soviet military strategist Chuikov was born. on the

Soviet military strategist Chuikov was born
World War battlefield, a large number of brave and fierce generals; However, the brave general with diplomatic career, but you can not find many. Soviet Red Army in World War II, there is a such generals [cn, history.] He is the same age with the century of the Soviet Red Army Marshal Vasily • Ivanovic • Chuikov was born "target = "_blank"> Chuikov (English: Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov)
early February 12, 1900 after the war, the chilly wind growl in Tsarist Russia in Tula province Aoxieteer the valley of 谢列布里亚 within Prudy a log cabin in the village, the birth of a a scrawny baby boy, he was named Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov villagers here at this time no one expected birth Chuikov dying in the prime of life after they become a marshal across battlefields and dominated the East German fate, due to a poor family
1912 (TodayinHistory.cn) 12-year-old 小崔 Markov would have left school early to bid farewell to their parents left home alone to capital, St. Petersburg, to make a living. factory in Kazan Avenue Peter Savelyev, dry on a dedicated Czar officers making barbed horse needle of drudgery; This suffering children look forward to their future one day be able to wear boots, the to bring thorn horse needle went across battlefields to make contributions.
1922, the war stopped down, the Chuikov apply a systematic study of military theory, he yearns for the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army Military Academy postgraduate college predecessor founder of the Red Army General Staff Military Academy in September 1918, the Soviet Union Military Academy's pedigree April 1924, known as the Red Army Marshal Frunze served as president of the hospital, the hospital's teaching standards greatly enhance; commemorate the Frunze Marshal died in 1925, the college in October of the same year was renamed Frunze Military Academy. college has trained senior generals of the of the Zhukov, Vasilevsky, a large number of Soviet August 1922 Chuikov got his wish to become the fifth of the participants of the Frunze Military Academy in three years time, Chuikov was able to systematically study of military theory, greatly enhance literacy in a wealth of practical experience on the basis of own military theory. In August 1925, Chuikov with honors with a fifth students graduate on time; Dean Frunze Marshal to the trainees. congratulations: "upgrade in military skills and political consciousness, devote full force." < ; br> academically gifted Chuikov College decided to stay in the Oriental Department of the Chinese Ministry to continue as a one-year post-graduate. the Oriental Department's main task is to train a new generation of military diplomats, the trainees are very stringent requirements. Chuikov Oriental Department of the Chinese Ministry of learning during a lot of time and energy for learning Chinese, and often go 纳里曼诺夫 University of the East, together with the Chinese students to discuss the issues related to China.
1926 autumn Frunze Military College Oriental Department of the Chinese Ministry of intern Chuikov, Diplomatic Attaché identity, go with the senior diplomat Crow Rike, China in first trip to China, he has been to Hal Bang, Changchun, Port Arthur, 1927 In the fall, Dalian, Tianjin, Beijing, the Chinese are at war among Chuikov deeply feel the suffering of the war brought to the Chinese people. (lssdjt.cn)
Chuikov formally completed at the Frunze Military Institute of Oriental studies, again went to China, as a military adviser in the military adviser for two years during his tenure, history. cn] Chuikov traveled footprint few throughout the north, south and Sichuan Province, he further to deepen the understanding of China, and learned to speak fluent in imports of Chinese
1929, the Sino-Soviet disputes arise in the Middle East on the railway problem, the situation intensified, the armed forces of the two countries in the border areas continue compiled and July 13 Japan, the Soviet Union announced the severance of diplomatic relations with China, Chuikov was ordered to withdraw diplomatic personnel with the Soviet side to domestic August 6, Soviet Military Commission set up a special group army of the Far East, appointed in 1924 to 1927 served as a consultant of the Sun Yat-sen in China cloth Liu Hull the (ie gallon generals) served as the group army commander; Soviet government issued an ultimatum to the Chinese in the 15th, the 16th, northeast China's generals Zhang Xueliang Su combat mobilization order, decided to points east to the 60,000 troops of the Northeast Army West Road fight against the Soviet At this point, just return Chuikov was ordered immediately rushed to a special resident of the army headquarters in the Far East Khabarovsk engaged in intelligence collection and collation of the group army general staff, direct the group army commander cloth Liu Hull responsible from October 10, and the Soviet Union at the confluence of the Heilongjiang and Songhua River - the same river, Fujin region fighting, worn-out equipment in China Northeast Army defeat; November 17, the Soviet onslaught Mishan areas of the eastern part of Heilongjiang Province, Manzhouli and Hailar region of the west, again succeeded. failure on the battlefield, so Zhang had to accept the "Khabarovsk agreement". Chuikov of the Sino-Soviet army at war frontline, for the first time witnessed the tremendous power of the Soviet infantry and chariot troops coordinated operations. (lssjt.cn)

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