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February 12.1930-The establishment of a free Grand Alliance in China

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The China free Grand Alliance was established on February 12, 1930 (month 14) Gengwu.

The establishment of a free Grand Alliance in China
Chinese freedom movement alliance Declaration In February 1930, in Shanghai of Lu Xun Roushi, Yu Dafu, Tian Han, Xia Yan, Feng Xuefeng initiated the establishment of the freedom movement in China alliance, referred to as free League. Its aim is to fight for the freedom of speech, publication, association, assembly, and freedom, against the rule of the National Government. Freely after the Union published the publication of "freedom of movement", have set up more than 50 clubs around, absorb the many schools, arts organizations and workers' organizations to participate.
free Union the CCP leadership peripheral revolutionary mass organizations, from the date of the establishment of the National Government that was to suppress. In February 1931, the Chairman of freedom Union Long Avenue sacrifice in Shanghai, and then dissolve itself.

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