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February 11.1949-The KMT veterans Inquiry of suicide

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February 11, 1949 (Year of the OX month 14), the KMT elder Inquiry Into suicide. 11,,

1949 2 (history today www.lssdjt.com) KMT elder Inquiry of suicide "target =" _blank "> Inquiry of suicide.
Inquiry Into name Successfully Passes Throngh Longhai, No. Tianchou, native of Zhejiang Wuxing. 1890 (sixteen years of the Qing dynasty) Born in Guanghan, Sichuan, studied in Japan in 1905, to participate in the Chinese Alliance. Revolution co-founded the Civil Rights reported in Shanghai, defected to Sun Yat-sen. "May Fourth Movement" initial " Weekly Review "to promote a new way of thinking and the labor movement by the author after busy Securities stock trading, joint" Hengtai number "Exchange Guofu, etc., involved in speculative business after the death of Sun Yat-sen in 1925, published the" National Revolution and China critique of the Kuomintang "," Sun Yat-sen's philosophical foundation "text against the Sun Yat-sen alliance with Russia, co, supporting the three major agricultural and industrial policy, oppose class struggle and worker-peasant movement by Qu Qiubai 1927 April "After the coup, he served as members of the Nanjing National Government, the president of the Examination Yuan, (L $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m) has long served as Chiang Kai-shek's counselors., any special Foreign Relations Committee after the" September 18 Incident "(also known as on the day special committees), chairman of the Department of "Resisting Foreign Aggression" policy concocted by one of the end of 1948, the Nanjing National Government to the brink of collapse, and moved from Nanjing to Guangzhou in despair; February 11, 1949 in Guangzhou in swallowing a large number of security the eyedrops suicide. (? v history today?? com)

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