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February 22.1967-Suharto replaced Sukarno Indonesian President

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In month 14 (DingWei years), February 22, 1967, Suharto replaced Sukarno Indonesian President.

Suharto replaced Sukarno Indonesian President
Suharto replaced Sukarno Indonesian President
Suharto replaced Sukarno Indonesian President
Suharto replaced Sukarno Indonesian President
Sukarno (1901 - 1970 June 21, 2011), was born in Surabaya, East Java (Surabaya), indigenous noble family 24-year-old graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology. In July 1927, the organization of the National Union of Indonesia (the following year renamed the Indonesian National Party). Later participate to create a coalition of political parties in Indonesia, was elected President. After the defeat of Japan in August 1945, Indonesia declared its independence, the establishment of the Republic, Sukarno was elected president. [Lssdjt.cn] 1949 the Dutch were forced to recognize Indonesia's independence in December, was re-elected as President Sukarno. September 30, 1965, a group of military officers led by Presidential Guards Regiment Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Weng East launched the "9.30" movement, the dissolution of the cabinet, the establishment of the "Revolutionary Council", the president powers gradually The military junta deprivation. Revocation of the powers of the presidency in March 1967, and was under house arrest. Died June 21, 1970. Suharto's
(June 8, 1921 to 2008, January 27), the second president of the Republic of Indonesia (1967-1998), the military strongman. The 1960 Marshall became total reserve corps commander, 1965 707,185 event "after Suharto counterattack succeeded, is responsible for restoring law and order. In 1966, Suharto act for the President. In March 1968, Suharto formally elected as the President of the Republic of Indonesia, since then, the Suharto era in Indonesia, in power for 30 years, stepping down in 1998. January 27, 2008, Suharto in Indonesia died due to multiple organ failure, aged 86 years. (On www.TodayOnHistory.com)
Mao Zedong and Sukarno together

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