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February 28.1972-"Sino-US joint communiques," published in Shanghai

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February 28, 1972 (, Yam Tze month 14), the "Sino-US joint communiques," was published in Shanghai.

the founding of the People's Republic of China, the U.S. government has always adopted a hostile policy. However, due to the new China has grown to play an increasingly larger role in international life, which forced the United States to gradually change its China practice. In October 1971, the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly passed the restoration of New China's legitimate seat. In February 1972, U.S. President Richard Nixon's visit to China has opened a new chapter in Sino-US relations. (Lsjt.org) Nixon said: "their view of the past with the Dulles similarities, now that the relationship between the United States and China, should be changed to accord with the trend, or will the trend of the masked; United States and the People's better relations between the Republic, will be beneficial to all countries. afternoon
2 21, Mao met Nixon, the two leaders on bilateral relations and international affairs seriously, frank exchange of views. During the visit, Premier Zhou Enlai and President Nixon, Foreign Minister Ji Pengfei with Rogers, secretary of state, a wide range of serious and frank discussions on the normalization of Sino-US relations and issues of mutual concern. Nixon visited Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai. February 27th, the two sides in the Shanghai joint communique agreement. Reference in 1972 2, 28, 2010, the Sino-US joint communiques, "published in Shanghai.
"Communique: China and the United States in their social systems and foreign policies are essentially different. However, the two sides agreed that countries, regardless of the social system, to deal with the relations between nations should be based on the five principles of peaceful coexistence. The Chinese side reiterated that the Government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legitimate government of China, "" Taiwan is China a "liberation of Taiwan is China's internal affairs, the right to interfere in other countries". The U.S. side declared that all the Chinese people "on both sides of the Taiwan Strait is only one China and Taiwan is part of China. U.S. government raises no objection to that position, and confirm that the ultimate objective of the withdrawal of all U.S. forces and military installations from Taiwan. "Shanghai Communique" for the normalization of relations between the two countries has opened up new prospects, and has contributed to the easing of Asia and the world situation, and laid the foundation for Sino-US relations.

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