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February 6.1689-Britain's "Glorious Revolution" event

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February 6, 1689 (17 Jisi first month), Britain's "Glorious Revolution" event.

1689 King James announced that "self-abdication established William and Mary as king and queen, which is the so-called" Glorious Revolution "event in British history. (Lssdjt.cn)
"Glorious Revolution" is actually the British bourgeoisie and nobility launched a coup, the purpose is to establish a constitutional monarchy in Britain, and to consolidate the power of the bourgeoisie.
At that time, the British bourgeoisie has been the rise of the political has gained considerable status, but on behalf of the feudal forces of the old aristocracy but still managed to maintain their lost paradise. 1685, James II succeeded to the throne, he was a large number of the release of the imprisoned Catholics, hired Catholics as an officer. In 1687, he issued the "Declaration on freedom of religious belief" authoritarian rule intensified, increasing the threat to the interests of the Whigs and Tories. At this time James is an old man, there is no male heir, Whigs and prop columns partisan afraid to overthrow James will cause the new People's Revolutionary Movement, so decided to be patient, to prepare old's death and other James say. However, in 1688 James son, they know what awaits hopeless, categorically by Parliament to send representatives to the Netherlands to usher in the James daughter Mary and son-in-law, William, by the meeting of representatives of district representatives, officially announced James Shimono, The British bourgeoisie a coup finally succeed satisfactorily.

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