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February 22.1902-The scientists found that yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes

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(Renyin fifteenth), February 22, 1902, the scientists found that yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes.

The scientists found that yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes
1902 22, Colonel Walter Reed in Cuba, the U.S. Yellow Fever Research Council and Dr. James Carroll published a scientific report, reported that yellow fever such tropical epidemic of fear is a mosquito-borne. More importantly, in the initiative of the Commission, the city of Havana, has developed a program of complete eradication of mosquitoes, densely populated areas to help eradicate yellow fever. Carlos-J-Finlay, Cuban doctors had yellow fever Chairman Reed said, he thinks that the fever is spread by the Aedes aegypti. Later the Commission to verify this hypothesis. However, the price paid in this work is the the heavy - Lazear doctor with a virus is a mosquito bites, unfortunately lost their lives.
In this report, the Commission added, incredible pathogens into the blood by the mosquito can pass through a fine porcelain filter, and any bacteria than people know. This pathogen may not pathogens belonging to the ordinary microscope, the scientists say such pathogens as viral.
Walter Reed Military Medical

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