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February 6.1909-Continuation of the thousand years ended system of servants

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February 6, 1909 (Jiyou Sixteenth), the continuation of the system of servants thousand years came to an end.

1909, the Qing government promulgated Zhaoyu prohibited Keeper trading slaves, after two thousand years of the slaves regime came to an end.
bondwomen system inherited from the Qin and Han dynasties each toward the emperor, the elite government officials, landlords and rich, occupy a large number of slaves. Early Qing Dynasty, due to the large number of slaves fled event occurs, the government had specifically formulated to "escape law, to discipline the slaves fled. Emperor Kangxi, the so-called "ransom for the people", and "If we let people change, but not actually implemented.
the abolitionist Zhaoyu provides that "where the former's slaves", "takes listening to ransom, release the people," its release and inability to ransom by the hired men On . (L $ djτ.ōrɡ)

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