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February 6.1928-Held at Yonghe Chen Tiejun, Zhou Wenzhong, "the place of execution on the wedding"

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February 6, 1928 (Boshin fifteenth), held at the Yonghe Chen Tiejun, Zhou Wenzhong wedding on the execution ground.

Held at Yonghe Chen Tiejun, Zhou Wenzhong, "the place of execution on the wedding"
Zhou Wen Yong (left) and Chen Tiejun funerary
1928, Zhou Wenzhong Yonghe Chen Tiejun arrested after the failure of the Guangzhou Uprising in Guangzhou Blue heroic martyrdom. On the execution ground, the two officially married, held a solemn wedding.
the execution ground, Chen Tiejun published last speech: My dear compatriots, sisters! I and the blood of Comrade Zhou Wen Yong necessary to sprinkle here. Salvaging the sake of the revolution, in order to sacrifice for the great cause of communism, [L $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m us a little and no regrets!
fellow citizens, in the past, the need for the revolutionary cause, the political parties and Zhou Wen Yong comrades living with an organ. cooperation
our work well, the feelings of the two deep, to obey the interests of the revolution, however, we also refused to talk about the private love, therefore, we have maintained pure gay relationships, but also not married. Today, I would like to announce: "When our own young lives are dedicated to the party when we will have the wedding. Let the reactionaries's gunfire, to do our wedding salute! My fellow citizens! Comrades! Farewell, hope you fighting bravely, communism will win, the future belongs to us. (Today in History www.TodayOnHistory.com) "

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