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February 12.1987-The death of the Soviet astrophysicist Yakov Zel'dovich

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February 12, 1987 (, fifteenth Dingmao), the Soviet astrophysicist Yakov Zel'dovich's death.

Zel'dovich 1914 was born in Minsk (now the capital of Belarus). (Lsjt.net) studied at the Leningrad University, after graduating in 1931 at the Moscow Institute of Chemical Physics of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The Zel'dovich early years, engaged in the study of nuclear physics, and participate in the development program of the Soviet hydrogen bomb. In the 1950s, Zel'dovich research areas turned cosmology and particle physics, and the Soviet Academy of Sciences in 1958. He is the first to propose energy of active galactic nuclei, one from the supermassive black hole. In 1964, Zel'dovich proposed galactic X-ray source is a neutron star or black hole accretion in binary systems. In the same year, he also proposed the existence of the cosmic microwave background radiation. Rashid Sunia Aliyev in 1972, he predicted clusters of galaxies to background radiation, this phenomenon is named Sunia Aliyev - Zel'dovich effect, can be used to measure the galaxy clusters The distribution of the substance, and the value of the Hubble constant. Passed away on February 12, 1987.

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