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February 7.1477-"Utopia" of Thomas More's Birthday

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February 7, 1477 (24) Ding first month, "Utopia" of Thomas More's Birthday.

"Utopia" of Thomas More's Birthday
"Utopia" of Thomas More's Birthday
Thomas More
1477, is the birthday of Thomas More. (History. Cn) Mohr British, founder of the early utopian socialism in Europe (in history today. Cn) who, with his famous book "Utopia" and the name go down in history. In Mohr 23 years old is a community of talented lawyers, in the study of law, he is also a lover of literature. His devout religious, even if married in 1504, is still a long time to continue to live up early, prayer, fasting, wearing a thick sweater life. the age of 26
he had been elected as a Member, once in politics, but because of his opposition to King Henry VII requires Parliament to approve a grant, but was forced to leave the politicians until 1509, Henry VIII ascended the throne, He also returned to the political arena.
Mohr had engaged in translation, his writings after 1513. "Utopia" Mohr masterpiece, the full name of the book original and interesting "about the most perfect state system and the vested interests of the utopian New Island Golden Book". This book is his ambassador to the European period 1515-1516, written in Latin. The book describes a fictional navigator sailing travels to exotic utopia an odd Township. Where the property is publicly owned, the people are equal, the implementation of the principle of distribution according to need everyone to wear uniform clothing, eating in a public restaurant, the officials by secret ballot. He believes that private ownership is the root of all evil hotbed, must destroy it. Therefore, Moore also the first time to the people the question of public ownership. (TodayinHistory.cn)
but in that era, Mohr idea can only be a fantasy. Henry VIII is opposed to reform, and soon, the conflict between Moore and King has become increasingly profoundly, 1533, Mohr loyalty oath to the British, and was locked up in the Tower of London for refusing July 1535 6, 2011, sent to the guillotine.

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