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February 22.1788-German philosopher Schopenhauer's birthday

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February 22, 1788 (, Shigenobu In Sixteenth), German philosopher Schopenhauer's birthday. Schopenhauer's birthday

German philosopher Schopenhauer's birthday
"target =" _blank "> Schopenhauer, February 22, 1788." pessimism philosopher. [L $ djτ.cōm] he Opponents of Hegel's absolute idealism of the pioneers of a new "life" philosophy is very sensitive to human suffering, and thus his outlook on life with a strong sense of pessimism tendencies. committed philosopher Plato Figure studies and Kant's writings, contempt of Fichte, Schelling and Hegel, his life is not frustrated, has been living a secluded life in the years prior to his death to earn a reputation before.
Schopenhauer, 1819 published an important book, "Will and Representation of the world", is divided into four, including: epistemology, natural philosophy, aesthetics and ethics of this book marks Schopenhauer ideological development vertex Although he is the subject of the same generation the cold shoulder disappointed, but he is convinced that the final victory of truth he believes that "can wait until the truth because of its long existence." After 19 years of "silent indignation, his 1836 published a short paper "On the Nature of the will." Schopenhauer this article deftly use of the rapid development of the natural sciences in doubt and found the will to maintain his doctrine. preface he publicly "liar "Hegel and their gang are heavy criticism until 1853, however, the philosophy of Schopenhauer world attention.
1860 9, 21, died.

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