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February 9.1955-Chinese Democratic League President Zhang Lan's death

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February 9, 1955 (, 17 Yi Wei first month), NLD Chairman Zhang Lan's death. the death of

Chinese Democratic League President Zhang Lan's death
Chinese Democratic League President Zhang Lan's death
Chinese Democratic League President Zhang Lan's death
Zhang Lan "target =" _blank "> of Zhang Lan
Zhang Lan (April 20, 1872 to 1955, February 09), the word table side, Han, born in 1872 and, Sichuan Nanchong people (this Xichong County Lianchi, countryman) in 1941 initiated the China Democratic Political League changed to the China Democratic League (1944), in October 1941 after following Huangyanpei as China Democratic Political League Central Executive Chairman of the Committee, any of the NLD Central Executive Committee Chairman of the NLD's first Chairman of the CPC Central Committee, to February 9, 1955, passed away at the age of 83.
young father farming Reading, the 25-year-old scholar, fill granary Health has taught at the the Nanchong Township Sook and Guang'an the purple Nymphoides College. 1902 into Chengdu respect by the College education, specializing in classics and history. outstanding select in Tokyo, Japan, Hong Chu College Learning Education study period, due to the initiative of Nala (Empress) Tuizhao deemed outrageous, was the Qing court ambassador to Japan escort returning the
1949, for refusing to go to Taiwan, Shanghai was put under house arrest by the Kuomintang government, after a rescue out of danger by the underground Communist organization.
1949 , to attend the first plenary session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), (l $ j¦Ó.c¨½) was elected as the People's Republic of China Vice-Chairman of the Central People's Government after the founding of New China, with a high degree of political enthusiasm to participate in the decision-making of the state policies for the the country's political stability, economic development has made outstanding contributions. elected in 1954 to the first session of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, vice chairman of the second session of the CPPCC National Committee vice chairman.

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