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Marcy 4.0150-The birth of the Eastern Han Zhang Zhongjing

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150 years (, 18 GY first month), March 4 the Eastern Han Zhang Zhongjing born. The birth "target =" _blank ">

The birth of the Eastern Han Zhang Zhongjing
ZhangZhongJing Zhang Zhongjing, Henan Nanyang, Eastern Han late physician. born March 4 (AD 150 Lunar 150 years on the 18th of the first month, ago 1862 years), in AD 219, passed away at the age of 69 years old and he was born his father Zhang Zonghan moving official bureaucracy in a decline of the family, special conditions due to family, he grew up exposed to many classics him from the history books on Que see on the Que looking diagnosed JiHuanGong's story, admiration, also laid the foundation for the generation of doctors.
his childhood hobby Medicine, "Bertone of books, he later became latent music Taoism. "When he was ten years old, and had read a lot of books, especially about medicine book his fellow Ho? appreciated his talents and expertise, once said to him:" Monarch thinking fine rhyme not high, will be for the good doctor "(" why not? Biography "). Later, Zhongjing really become a good doctor, known as" the holy doctors, prescription of the ancestors. "This of course, and he thinking fine, but he loves the medical professional, good at "ground the old saying, the results of the gathering". (history. com)
young man had told county functionaries Zhang the granduncle to study medicine after many years of hard study and clinical practice, the medical name has been boosted to become a distinguished history of Chinese medicine physician.
in the turmoil of the late Eastern Han Dynasty, year after melee, people abandoned agriculture city ​​Grange multi into wilderness, the people displaced, hunger and cold exhausted. around the continuous outbreak of plague, especially in Luoyang, Nanyang, Huiji (ShaoXing) the epidemic is serious, "every zombie the pain, room room boohoo of grief; (lssjt.cn) "the Zhongjing the family is no exception. Zhongjing has witnessed the heart-rending grief tragic sight.
data carrier since Han Xiandi Jian'an the first year (AD 196), the third decade two people died of infectious diseases, including typhoid fever 70 percent "sense of yore On mourning hurt cross yao Mo save" ("Treatise on the preface) So he energies of medicine determined to be able to extricate the sufferings of the people of the doctors. "emperor, parent of the disease to therapy, the next in order to save the poor and lowly of Eritrea, in order to ensure length whole, in order to raise their students" ("Treatise on the preface).
; his clan man named Zhang Bozu, is the most prestigious doctors in order to study medicine. Zhongjing, worship him as a teacher. Zhang Bozu see he is smart, studious, have assiduously spirit, put his medical knowledge and medical skills, taught to him unreservedly, and the Zhongjing actually do have lent Chuan why not? "Xiangyang House in the book" had exclaimed: "Jhongjing surgery, skilled granduncle. the
"Febrile Diseases" preface this to say: "spa emperor, parent of the disease, to save the poor and lowly of Eritrea, in order to maintain the growth of the whole, in order to raise their body", the performance of the Chung King as a medical benevolence of Rende, later known him as "the holy of medical cases medical saint - Zhongjing (20)
Zhongjing hometown in Nanyang County Nirvana Yang (Henan Province today Dengzhou Rang Dong-jin), talent intelligent, studious young man to study medicine in the county functionaries Zhang Bozu, although obtaining the pass.

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