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February 22.1799-The Emperor Jiaqing give? Suicide in prison

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February 22, 1799 (the first month 18) Kang Xi, of Emperor Jiaqing give? Suicide in prison. (Jiaqing four flood the temple)

The Emperor Jiaqing give? Suicide in prison
1799,, Qianlong dead. (L $ djτ.cōm) Decadence Wang Nian Sun first impeach? Suicide in prison "target =" _blank "> and? Leather scholar and clergy the Emperor Jiaqing immediately announced, imprison Offences.
19 calendar number and ? 20 counts, confiscated his possessions: Phoebe housing, Tyrants extravagant system, in accordance with the the Qianlong regime, (lssjt.cn) away from embellishment and the Yuanmingyuan Punta Island Yaotai no different, "Jizhou tomb, located to enjoy temple, set the tunnel residents and mausoleum there are 80 million mu of land, 75 pawnshops, silver No. 42, 5.8 million ounces of pure gold, 200 million ounces of raw alluvial gold, gold bullions 1000 and 1000, silver ingots, ingot silver 9400000 two other issues such as pearls, jade, coral, agate, watches, precious stones, silk, porcelain, ancient tripod, ginseng, mink and other countless raided the home of the output value of over 220 million two treasury income for 4000 more than one million ounces, the equivalent of more than five years of treasury income, showing their stolen goods as much as the property window of time "and? fall Jiaqing eat" adage. com [history]
Wise men learn by other men 's mistakes February 22 (day 18) gift and? suicide in prison.

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