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February 12.1895-Famous patriotic general the Ding Ruchang suicide martyred

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(Yi Wei first month XVIII), February 12, 1895, the famous patriotic general Ding Ruchang suicide martyred. Ding Yu martyrs of

Famous patriotic general the Ding Ruchang suicide martyred
Famous patriotic general the Ding Ruchang suicide martyred

Ding Ruchang (1836.11.18-1895.2.12) formerly known as Chinetek word Yuting also Yuting, No. Chapter. Origin of Fengyang County, was originally an old army officer in the late Qing Dynasty, Li Hongzhang appointed Northern Navy admirals. Sino his bravery on the battlefield. In the Li Hongzhang "protect the ship to avoid war" capitulation policy of bundling and around Britain, Germany and other foreign consultants, surrounded by his command of the Northern Navy was forced to moved into Weihai Bay, not allowed to play, let the Japanese occupation from Wing Chengshan landing Weihaiwei on both sides of all Fort themselves trapped in the Passing of an impasse. Forced to suicide martyred. the time of
, Japanese combined fleet commander in the Northern Fleet Command onslaught, he wrote to the Ding Yu Chang, advised him to rate the fleet surrender. Ding Ruchang firmly rejected the enemy to capitulate and capitulate book turned over to Li Hongzhang determination that their own against the enemy.
in order to crush the enemy to capitulate conspiracy, he determined risked his life to break through. The night of February 6, 1895, Ding Ruchang in order to play the role of the Northern Fleet torpedo boat, hit back at the enemy torpedo boats attack command the left Ray boats pipe with Ping rate of the Northern Fleet torpedo boat team export attacked enemy, however, Wang Ping afraid to die take advantage of both artillery being violent, sudden rate boat to escape from the West Exit. Japanese ship found, immediately chase, Northern Fleet torpedo boats, and some were destroyed, some were captured, all the destruction.
increasingly desperate situation, the Japanese siege more violent. A minority afraid to die, the loss of national integrity shameless generals and foreign staff Mage Lu, HG secret collusion, ready to surrender. They banded together, instigated some soldiers, water Yong Ding Yu surrendered, hostage retaining Jun Tongling Zhang Wenxuan to Zhenyuan ship, threatening. Ding Ruchang rather die than surrender, and command Gejian risked his life to break out on February 10th, or wreck, destroy gun. However, in addition to be far from the ship to duct tape (captain) ordered the wreck and suicide martyrdom in the evening and abroad, and the rest of the generals afraid to die, refused to listen up, and even ready to take the ship to surrender. February 11, the Japanese of Weihaiwei, and the Northern Fleet amphibious attack from gunfire more violent night of bitter struggle, the Qing, exhausted ammunition exhausted. Ding Ruchang last painful ordered fried ship wrecks, but opposed by some generals. The Ding Ruchang never surrender, helpless orders and can not be commander in chief, he committed suicide in despair martyred. 12th morning, Mage Lu, HG, et al on behalf of Ding Ruchang theft drafted Surrender pay out residual vessels eleven Liugongdao Fort and the military-owned equipment, surrendered to the Japanese. Li Hongzhang to spend large sums of money so painstakingly built up years of the Northern Navy, so shameful destruction.
the Northern navy commander Ding Ruchang

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