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February 16.1930-Red Army has been the first aircraft "Lenin"

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(18 Gengwu the first month), February 16, 1930, the Red Army has been the first aircraft "Lenin" No.. first aircraft

Red Army has been the first aircraft "Lenin"
Red Army "Lenin,"
jute uprising on March 16, 1930, Xuanhua shop over an enemy aircraft in the sky around a few laps, the wings of a crooked falls on the the Chenjia River floodplain.
This is the Sichuan warlord Liu Xiang, a German biplane Ljungstrom advanced trainer. Way flight from Nanjing to Sichuan, the pilots Trek, aircraft gasoline run out, and had to fall. The pilots called Dragon SMG, the KMT-CPC cooperation in 1927, went to the Soviet Union to learn flying. Joined the Red Army, was taken prisoner by the Red Army to become a pilot of the Red Army. (L $ djτ.cōm)
leading to the aircraft to take a famous name called "Lenin," and brush it on the wings of the aircraft. In the evening of August 9, 1931, "Lenin," indeed flew reconnaissance and demonstrations over Wuhan, traumatic Wuhan enemy panic, the KMT authorities night implement blackouts and air defense readiness. The "mopping News had disclosed this message:" Total Army 'Lenin,' aircraft has had continuous harassment full Chuan, Hankou, we fortunately no casualties. Now the military has issued an order over the guard against. The "
" Lenin, "fly several times due to lack of oil were grounded, and later enemy massive crazy siege Dabieshan transfer of the main forces of the Red Army went to the line operations," Lenin "had it buried in the mountain valley. But the enemy finally found it, it lured away as booty.

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