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Marcy 8.1939-Japanese occupation of Nanchang

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(18 JiMao first month), March 8, 1939, the Japanese occupation of Nanchang. the

Japanese occupation of Nanchang
Japanese occupation of Nanchang
Japanese occupation of Nanchang
Japanese occupation of Nanchang
the Japanese attack on Nanchang
March 1939, the Military Commission of the National Government deploying Battle of Nanchang. Chiang Kai-shek electricity to make the ninth theater on behalf of commander of the Simon starting enemy, the Japanese army launched an offensive to the north of Jiangxi, the attack should be ready in March 10, March 15 attack began. The ninth theater received a telephone order, is not yet complete, refit and supply difficulties, to request an extension. The Military Commission Directive defensive battle instead.
17, 2007, the Japanese 0 Division main cross the river near the by the bovine line and uncooked rice Street, a direct attack on Nanchang. Japanese aircraft daily bombing of the important buildings in the urban area and along the river houses were blown up. The Ministry of defenders Song Kentang got hit in the middle of the night to withdraw the Guangyang Bridge, 27, Nanchang Suixian. Battle of Nanchang from March 17 to 27, which lasted 10 days, 13,000 Japanese casualties Chinese army casualties more than 100,000 people. (History TodayOnHistory.com)
Nanchang fall of the Japanese massacre of Chinese compatriots
Japanese occupation after the Japanese attack Nanchang
Nanchang fleet

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