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February 22.1962-Central determined streamlining administration

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February 22, 1962 (18 Renyin first month), the central determined streamlining administration.

1962 2 22, the CPC Central Committee and the Central Simplify "About the state organs at all levels, political parties and people's organizations streamline proposal" instructions. The central streamline the group's "Proposal", the 268 million people of the original employees of the national state organs, to be reduced to 174 million people, to streamline the 94 million people. The indication of
Central: Currently, state organs, political parties and people's organizations, agencies and numerous multi-political complex phenomenon, it is very serious.
this situation is not conducive to a comprehensive adjustment of the national economy, is not conducive to overcome the current difficulties, is not conducive to overcome bureaucratic and decentralized doctrine, therefore, must be complete implementation of the "streamlining" target = "_blank"> streamlining administration ". Must be determined to dismantle the temple, dissolved or merged with another agency, the revocation of the revocation of the merger on the merger.

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