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February 11.1963-The central authorities decided to carry out the "four clean" campaign in the countryside

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(Mao first month XVIII), February 11, 1963, the central authorities have decided in rural areas Siqing movement.

The central authorities decided to carry out the "four clean" campaign in the countryside
The central authorities decided to carry out the "four clean" campaign in the countryside
"Siqing" Every meeting, militia regarded the four types of molecules "escort scene hearings
1963, February 11-28, 2010, the Central was held in Beijing Work Conference. During the meeting, Mao proposed the "class struggle, of a grasp on the soul" error assertion.
meeting, the issuance of a report by the Hunan and Hebei Provinces socialist education, Rectification entire union movement.
Hunan Provincial Committee report said: "all aspects of the case show that the class struggle is fierce, and the class enemy sabotage arrogant, an anti-socialist 'dark and stormy' scraping very large. Conspiracy of the enemies, the most prominent is the development of a counter-revolutionary organization, the counter-revolutionary propaganda, and do everything possible to corrupt cadres usurp leadership. "In a production team to engage in sports, the key is to organize the class ranks. Establish the advantage of the poor peasants, middle peasants will take the initiative to move closer to the enemy will be isolated, and all 'ghosts and monsters' will soon shrink back. "
Hebei Provincial Party Committee's report said:" The basic approach of this movement: exactly convey and implement the three-eighth 10th Plenary file, hold high the banner of Chairman Mao's ideological; layers launched step by step depth; good pilot to gain experience and guidance generally. (L $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m)
Mao Zedong recommended and introduced to carry out the socialist education movement in Hunan Province and Hebei Province, Baoding region to carry out clean-up accounts, clean up the warehouse, clean up the property, clean-up work points ("Four Clean & rdquo ;) experience, the meeting decided to carry out "five evils" (ie, against corruption and theft, against speculation, oppose extravagance and waste, against decentralism oppose bureaucratism) movement in the city and in rural socialist Socialist Education Movement. (Today in History www.TodayOnHistory.com)
of HEILONGJIANG A County Siqing "denounced" rich peasants "

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