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February 28.1948-The traitor Zhou Fohai died in prison

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On (Lunar first month 19), February 28, 1948, the traitor Zhou Fohai died in prison. a lifetime experience

The traitor Zhou Fohai died in prison
complex of the Zhou Fohai died prison "target =" _blank "> Chou Fo-hai In February 1948, 28, (lssdjt.cn) the Zhou Fohai died in Nanjing tiger Bridge prison. < the br> Zhou Fohai, Yuanling people. went to Japan in 1917 to study. returning in 1920 to participate in the Shanghai communist group, returned to Japan after the Organization of Japan, the communist group in July 1921, the Communist Party of China attended the first National 's Congress lsjt.org after the remains back to Japan to learn. graduated from Kyoto Imperial University, Department of Economics in 1924 after returning out of the Communist Party, joined the KMT in January,
1927, was appointed Whampoa Wuhan Campus Major General Secretary President and director of the Political Department of the the KMT CPC Central Committee and the people training in 1933, Minister. KMT 1938 Acting Minister of the CPC Central Committee Propaganda Department in December with Wang Jingwei fled Vietnam, public surrender of Japan after the the Wang puppet government set up in March 1940, the Financial Minister for Policing Minister, Deputy Premier of the Executive Yuan, and chief of the Shanghai Special City Mayor post
1945 of KMT escorted to Chongqing under house arrest in 1946 solution to Nanjing delivery courtroom to be sentenced the death penalty. March 1947 (? v history today?? com) amnesty under Chiang Kai-shek to life imprisonment.

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