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February 24.1962-Hu Shi's death

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(Renyin in the first month on the 20th), February 24, 1962, Hu Shi's death.

Hu Shi's death
Hu Shi's death
Hu Shih's death "target =" _blank "> Hu Shi, Chinese modern scholars. formerly known as Hung?, word Sik Anhui Jixi people. Shanghai China public school attended by the early years of contact with the new school, believe in the theory of evolution. 1910 , he went to the United States, studied at Cornell University and Columbia University, (Lssdjt.com) from students pragmatism philosopher John Dewey
, 1917 on the "New Youth" at the beginning of literary innovation Discussion opposed to classical, to promote vernacular, advocated literary revolution. returning in July of the same year, he served as professor at Peking University. participate in editing the "New Youth", published a new collection of poems "try to set" a prominent figure in the New Culture Movement July 1919 in Weekly Review published "more research into these issues, less about" isms "" reformist opposition Marxist guidance of the Chinese revolution. proposed "bold assumption, careful verification of historical research methods, a lot of influence. < ; br> leave the "New Youth" in 1922, founded efforts Weekly. imperialist aggression against China Overseas anecdote, to preach the "good guys government and provincial autonomy federalism advocated. September 18 Incident, the founder of the "independent review" to support the reactionary policy of Chiang Kai-shek "Resisting Foreign Aggression", and issued a "total Westernization" advocate, any ambassador to the United States in 1938, signed on behalf of the Nationalist government "Sino-US Mutual Assistance Treaty." top political adviser of the Executive Yuan in 1942, he was appointed in 1946 president of Peking University. after the the KMT General Assembly President, led proposed for Suppression of the Communist Rebellion Ordinance to the United States in 1948.
1962 February 24, 2011 "Outline of the History of Chinese Philosophy (on volume), the history of vernacular literature" (on volume), "Hu Shi Wen Cun" Hu Shih's death in Taiwan.

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