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February 22.1927-Shanghai workers hold a second armed uprising

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(First month twenty Dingmao,), February 22, 1927, the Shanghai workers hold a second armed uprising.

Shanghai workers hold a second armed uprising
Shanghai workers hold a second armed uprising
workers, students and citizens confrontation with the military and police in the vicinity of the old Simon
22, 1927, the Shanghai workers held a second armed uprising. Shanghai Business School from all walks of life, and representatives of the Communist Party, (lssjt.cn) KMT Shanghai public Provisional Revolutionary Committee ", 22 16:00 the same day, the CPC Shanghai District issued special emergency notice, to mobilize the citizens of Shanghai 6:00 in the evening riot . Uprising after the gun sounds, the district workers' pickets immediately attacked military and police, street battles with the enemy, the second armed uprising of the Shanghai workers reached a climax, an urgent need for the Northern Expedition forces assistance, Chiang Kai-shek was command to enter the Ministry of Jiaxing Pai Chung-hsi stop offensive Shanghai the, Niu Yongjian aspects do anything, stand idly by, resulting in the arming of the workers trapped in the predicament alone. "The Shanghai Provisional Revolutionary Committee" decided to immediately stop the brutal suppression of the imperialist and reactionary warlords, the second armed uprising. the massacre
uprising workers

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