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February 24.1935-Qu Qiubai captured, Shuheng the sacrifice

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Seeing in the first month (twenty), February 24, 1935, Qu captured, Shuheng the sacrifice. In In 1935, February 24, 2010, (on cn) Qu Qiubai Captured (history cn) Shuheng sacrifice "target =" _blank "> Shuheng sacrifice. < br> Qu, joined the Communist Party of China in 1922, he served as a temporary "August" meeting the Politburo Standing Committee, presided over the work of the Central Committee. Zhonghua Soviet Republic in February 1934 members of central government to educate the people.

Qu Qiubai captured, Shuheng the sacrifice
Shuheng One of the founders of the Communist Party of China to the Central Revolutionary Base in 1931, was elected a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Chinese Soviet Republic, served as the central government of workers and peasants checks Minister and Acting Minister of the Ministry of the Interior, the central government, chairman of the ad hoc tribunals and other staff.
CPC Central Committee after the evacuation of the Central Soviet Area Qu, Shuheng, to stay in the base to keep up the struggle the middle of this month, Qu, Zihui (TodayinHistory.cn) Shuheng, Zhang Liang, disguised as businessmen and their families to leave Ruijin, Jiangxi Province Huichang and Fujian Province Changting, Ping Wu, at the junction of four are mountain transfer, arrived on the 24th Changting County Yiu Tin District outlet small rural of the runoff the village Niuzhuang Ridge near a home in the mountains, because of the rain, stop and rest, and landlord landlords armed siege. Shuheng breakout in sacrifice. Zihui breakout escape back to the Fujian Provincial authorities Qu Qiubai and Zhang Liang (Xiang Ying wife), Zhou Yuelin (the Liang Bo Desk wife) captured the 26th, Qu escorted Shanghang prisoners at the county jail.

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