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February 12.1974-Soviet dissident Solzhenitsyn detained to

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February 12, 1974 (the first month twenty), Jiayin years, Soviet dissident Solzhenitsyn detainees.

Soviet dissident Solzhenitsyn detained to
Solzhenitsyn expelled
1974, the Soviet dissident with, and Nobel laureate Solzhenitsyn was arrested in Moscow apartment.
Solzhenitsyn, was born in 1918 in the city of the high 加索基斯洛 Fu Cike. The former Soviet Union Russian writer. 1941 graduated from Rostov University Physics Department of Mathematics. Join the army after the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War. Into the artillery school training in 1942, the Renda Wei lieutenant after graduation. 1945 due to "political problems" at the front, was arrested and sentenced to eight years in prison. After serving their sentences in exile in Kazakhstan. 1956 lifting of exile, to restore the reputation of the following year. (TodayinHistory.cn)
1962 after Khrushchev approval issued to labor camps as a theme novella "Ivan Denisovich day" aroused strong repercussions at home and abroad. Fourth Soviet Writers' Congress on May 16, 1967 to the dissemination of the "open letter" to "cancel all the literary and artistic creation, open and secret system of inspection. 1968 condemned the Soviet Gulag novel "Cancer Ward" and "The First Circle" published in Western Europe. Won the Nobel literature prize in 1970. The following year, Germany, France and published his lengthy "August 1914". Paris in December 1973 published the first volume of his "Gulag Archipelago" (The book is Volume 3, 1976, at a time). This is a dependable write novels, accused Soviet society since the October Revolution "inhuman tyrannical rule. February 12, 1974, Solzhenitsyn was detained, the Bureau of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR announced that deprived of his Soviet citizenship, deported from the Soviet Union to West Germany and Switzerland. The U.S. Senate in October 1974 awarded him the title of "honorary citizen", after he moved to the United States.

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