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Marcy 12.1985-Taiwanese writer Yang Kui died

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March 12, 1985 (the first month twenty) Yi Chou, Taiwanese writer Yang Kui died. 12,

Taiwanese writer Yang Kui died
Taiwanese writer Yang Kui died
1985 the Taiwan famous old writer Yang Kui died "target =" _blank "> Yang Kuei, died at the age of 80 of a heart attack in Taichung (τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm)
formerly known as Yang Kuei Yagi, was born in 1905, Xinhua Town, Tainan County, 19-year-old in Japan to study, work-study in 1927 (22 years old) to return to Taiwan to participate in the anti-Japanese peasant movement, cultural movement, 10 has been arrested by the Japanese police to imprison. released from prison after the business of "Shouyang Farm", to sell flowers for a living, and engaged in writing early masterpiece "newspaper delivery Cardiff", known as the literary quality and write her first novel in the Japanese occupation of Taiwan society truth, new literary movement in Taiwan have a huge impact. victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan after, (Lssdjt.com), Mr. Yang Kui He founded the "yang weekly, editor of" exercise newspaper supplements and Literature Series 1949 by the Taiwan authorities to arrest , release of prisoners on Green Island decade. living in poverty in his later years, still the flowers to make ends meet a collection of short stories, "Mother Goose married", a collection of essays "sheep's head set" (1 $ djτ.cōm). Yang Kuei major works. < br>
Yang Kuei --- but had participated in anti-Japanese activities by Japanese police arrested 10 times and adversity. rid of the Japanese colonial rulers, to achieve the reunification of the motherland, the freedom and independence of the Chinese nation is the most prominent themes of his work. (history. cn)

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