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February 18.1294-Kublai Khan's death

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(Sino-Japanese first month 22), February 18, 1294, Kublai Khan's death.

Kublai Khan's death
Kublai Khan (1215 -1294 on February 18, 2011), the name full name Kublai, the Mongols, Tuolei fourth son mother instigate Lu Wo posts Nepal. May 5, 1260 at the part were king, and his owner set enthroned as the Mongol emperor (the Mongol Empire profusely 1260-1294 years in office), but has not been widely acknowledged. December 18, 1271, Kublai national title by "Big Mongolia to" dollars "from the Mongol emperor into Yuan emperor (1271-1294 reign), formally established Yuan Dynasty, became the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. predicted that people have worshiped
worldwide IV: Christian claims that God is Jesus Christ, Muslims that Muhammad, the Jews that Moses, (the L $ djτ.cōm) Buddhists claims that God is Buddhism Buddha Muni, I am four can all pay tribute to the ceremony - of Kublai
Kublai Khan called by the Chinese emperor's posthumous names, and revered by Mongolian Emperor Xue Zen. (L $ djτ.cōm) "Genghis the fourth child Tuolei Genghis Khan's fourth sub-. He was suffering from foot disease, but does not prevent him like other Mongolian aristocracy feat repeated to build on the battlefield. 17 years old, his father Tuolei behalf of sweat ogadai highly, drank a lethal witch water Kublai same mother instigate Lu Wo posts ni and his brothers seeking the the uncle ogadai's given them. life does not depend on others
comfortable, but with the brother of Kublai Khan in 1251 Montgomery the the meeting suddenly Riehle NTU was elected Mongol Khan, The Tuolei Department began to get the upper hand. Kublai appointed by Montgomery Premier Monan Han army country Shushi, management Henan, Shaanxi Han, his appointment Han Confucian scholars, to achieve positive results. This experience, Kublai Khan became the most positive attitude towards Chinese culture a Mongol princes.
while Kublai grown, the Mongols conquered activities around the world in full swing. Montgomery is the throne after the the exterminate the struggling Southern Song regime became national policy. In 1253, Kublai Khan Montgomery dispatch Nanzheng the Southern Song AIA Dali country like gangbusters in general Wulianghetai with the to exterminate this 300 years of history of the country, to form surrounded by half from the southwest face of the Southern Song Dynasty. In 1257, Montgomery personally led a force Fa Song, Kublai Khan was appointed commander-in-chief of the Eastern Group. Two years later, Montgomery died of gunfire outside the co-chow, Kublai Khan then wife secret report, and hurried back to the north with the sweat of six brother Ali not brother compete bit. the
1260 years, the brother of Kublai Khan and Ali not worked in their respective bases in Kaiping and Lin announced himself as profusely, but Kublai party clearly enjoys the support of the more powerful figures. After four years of civil war, Kublai victory, become unique profusely. But he soon will not be satisfied with the sweat of the appellation, he will have to become the ruler of the whole of China. 1264, Kublai Khan moved the capital to Yanjing (now Beijing), both 1271, in accordance with the ritual of the Chinese feudal dynasties, issued throne edict, declared himself emperor, and the founding of the "big" number. He is the actual creator of the Yuan dynasty in China.
At the same time, the timing of the destruction of the Song dynasty has been fully mature. In a powerful water military training, the last obstacle to the destruction of the Song dynasty has been ruled out. After six years of siege bitter fight, captured the city of Xiangyang, in 1274, the rate of force generals Bayan since Xiangyang, down the river, Song lookout Guixiang. Two years later, the fall of Lin'an, then chase from the sea and by land the Southern Song exile regime, wipe out the the Southern Song residual forces to the 1279 final.
addition, Kublai Khan era also repeatedly sent troops to other countries, including twice sent troops, dispatched troops twice Annan twice sent troops to Burma, even in 1292, and has also sent troops to the Pacific island of Java. Most of these wars is not sustainable results.
Kublai Khan of China's territory has a lot of contribution in 1264, Kublai Khan set up in the surrender of Tubo Xuanwei Division Marshal House "is responsible for processing and the jurisdiction of the local military and political affairs, which is Tibet's first time in history to be included in the territory of the Chinese central government. In 1284, Kublai Khan sending staff to Taiwan "XuanFuShi", set up a government regulatory agencies - xunjiansi same year in Penghu, Taiwan be included in the first time in the history of the Chinese central government territory. Kublai Khan era, began to set in Yunnan province, a key step in the completion of the Yunnan region in China. Khubilai
era, descendants of Genghis Khan in the world to establish a number of regime, there are four main Khanate, more than half of the land ruled Eurasia. Kublai nominally sovereign, but has gradually alienated each Khanate between Contact. Only his five younger brother Xu Liewu the Iraqi children Khanate in western Asia also maintained a close relationship. Kublai basically just a rulers of the East Asian region.
Kublai Khan as a conqueror to the conquered people of the region to bring havoc, but can still get a good evaluation of the history, because he is not only the destroyer of the old order, is also a more successful new order to establish those. He is one of the few capable of great importance to the Chinese culture, one of the respected Confucianism Mongol rulers. From nomads, but attaches great importance to the restoration and development of agriculture in the Central Plains, he set up the Secretary for Agriculture Secretary, "advised farmers Division" specifically to deal with agriculture, such institutions as the main criteria of the assessment of officials to persuade farmers achievement It Edit Nongsang Series To. After a protracted war, the recovery of agriculture has a great necessity, but also has a lot of space, Kublai Khan caught it, and achieved good results. political system,
Kublai mostly follows the previous generation system of the Han Dynasty Mongol rulers (of course, this is an innovative) located in central Zhongshushing, the Privy Council censorate in charge of administrative, military, and monitoring, in addition to setting the Imperial Academy and other institutions, but also to be innovative, such as set Nobumasa homes palm religious. Yuan Dynasty, China's largest contribution in the political system, is the province of the system and developed coaching system. These two systems is usually that originated in the Middle East, in fact, in the vast territory the previous generation has also been the prototype, but Yuan Dynasty "North over Yinshan the West pole quicksand East to make the the Liao left, the South Vietnamese sea surface" prompted the rulers to strengthen these two systems. Province system lasted until today, developed coaching system of commercial prosperity of the Yuan played a large role.
after the end of the large-scale war, Kublai empire's economy quickly recover, and commercial prosperity, foreign the frequent exchanges the two main characteristics of this era. Venice Marco Polo is the witness of all this. (Lssdjt.cn)
, but finished the extent of the ruling nation in the Yuan Dynasty in Chinese history Check the ethnic minorities in the Central Plains, which is still relatively low. Institutional imitation, does not mean that cultural fusion, the Kublai tendency can not affect the entire Mongolian ruling class. Imperial Examination System in the Yuan Dynasty, has not been able to become a stable system. Yuan Dynasty rulers also imposed a notorious nationals in accordance with the ethnic composition is divided into four such policies. Yuan Dynasty rulers has not been able to take root in China, which is less than a hundred years the main reason for their continued rule in China. Nevertheless, with these achievements, Kublai still enough to retaining its world influence among the one hundred largest emperors, he ranked in the Top 78.
Review: Kublai the early Mongolian nobility compare acceptance of the Han nationality culture, and his respect Confucianism, Buddhism, and also happy to imitate the previous generation of the Han dynasty system. But as a part of the world in the Mongol Empire, as the representative of the ruling class of nomads, he with ancient Chinese emperor difference is very obvious. He is not a main focus on the consolidation of the rule system, but a more open spirit, but also to develop the land outside of the traditional Chinese territory with greater zeal.

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