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Marcy 10.1912-Yuan Shikai became provisional president in Beijing

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On (Yam Tze first month 22), March 10, 1912 in Beijing, Yuan Shikai became provisional president.

Yuan Shikai became provisional president in Beijing
Yuan Shikai and Beiyang generals in Beijing, took the oath-taking ceremony
March 10, 1912 at 3 pm, Yuan Shikai was sworn in as provisional president. The ceremony was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Beijing Stone adults alley Qing Corruption. Participants over a hundred people, "the tailor who, in the service who have braided by whether braided red of Lama new shaved bald, bright lights, and so forth." The British Minister Zhu Jordan were also at the ceremony.
Yuan Shikai in military uniform, wear a long sword, the face South upright, said: "Shikai deep willing to exhaust its ability to carry forward the republican spirit, wash away the despotism of the flaw foul oath. Keep the Constitution in accordance with the wishes of the citizens of the imperative of national security and robustness of the domain, to serve five major ethnic groups with Pegasus and happy. The Cai Yuanpei on behalf of the Senate to accept the Oath and sent messages on behalf of Sun Yat-sen. Yuan A word again said: "Shikai decrepit, you can not beat the president any indecent Order of the SUN Da president recommended Five Great Clans Tuidai, heavy Guci not be held to the Senate public,, Mian Order of the Adams spent. Willing to exhaustive effort made happiness for the five major ethnic groups, and the Republic of China into a powerful country. "Afterwards, Yuan said a confidant:" My life is today, fifty-three years, to jump to cite. "Having said laughing incessantly.
inauguration day, Yuan promulgated the name of the "President" Amnesty Order "and" exemption Qianliang Order announced Where to pin before March 10, "In addition to the real life and robbers outside "criminals", whether a misdemeanor to a felony, has been found not find closed positive, are in addition to the "free is outstanding; All ROC first year previously should be finished to small, positive hybrid Qianliang canal the grain solid owe in China, were I in addition to free. Subsequently released the the supplementary order: exemption Qianliang Xuantong (1910), Xinhai should be finished Qianliang period for the levy is not exempt from the list. On the same day, the number of Yuan bursts Road command, stressed "get rid of private See obey the central command", "view to a unified". And make "all the front of the purposes of the law and criminal law, subject to various failure force and the Republic of the state system, I were Interim invoked.
the next day after the announcement of the Provisional Constitution, Nanjing Senate call Yuan Shikai, the admit inaugural Big president, but stressed: "on behalf of the National Court, in particular had to Sincere Dun Mian: 7 Chapter 56 of the Provisional Constitution, unmatched Constitution dimension of its Code of honor! O arbitrary inverse public opinion, do not, do not, do not be intimate with Africa and Germany, do not board non only! "
In order to limit the rights of Yuan Shikai, the president of the interim government in Nanjing Sun Yat-sen on March 11, 1912 issued a" provisional Constitution.

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