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February 13.1915-Burma Aung San's Birthday

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February 13, 1915 (30 Jiayin years twelfth lunar month), Burma, General Aung San's birthday. General Aung San,

Burma Aung San's Birthday
Birthday "target =" _blank "> General Aung San
1915, Aung San was born in northern Burma, since childhood, influenced by the anti-British struggle of the people of his hometown , into Rangoon University, political matured to become the leaders of the student movement. After graduating from college in 1937, was elected chairman of the All Burma Students' Federation, and participated in the Association of Myanmar people, any of the Secretary-General.
1938, oil workers, under the leadership of the Party of Deqin outbreak of an unprecedented scale strikes, anti-British movement to form a national scale, that is the history of Myanmar famous "1300 Movement" in 1939 January 15, the establishment of the Communist Party, Aung San any party general secretary was waging aggressive war period, it is Germany, the British no time East Gu, so decided to build Aung San armed. obtained weapons on the support, in 1940, Aung Hill came to China, the Chinese Communist Party could not find results diversions to go to Japan, to reach an agreement with the Japanese authorities in 1941, Aung San and 30 to go to Japan to receive training under the agreement, however, after the outbreak of the Pacific War, the Japanese tore agreement. March 27, 1945, Aung San command of the national army armed uprising, and on May 1 along with the Allies recaptured capital Yangon.
Japanese imperialism was driven away. (1 $ djτ. cōm) British colonial government in exile in India, but returned to Myanmar in January 1947, Aung San and his delegation went to Britain to negotiate, "Aung San - Attlee Agreement signed on January 21 & rdquo ; According to the agreement, Myanmar set up the interim government led by Aung San, but long after, on the British side in the years after the interim government was established, Myanmar will be completely independent "terms of take the attitude of prevarication, and July 19 to create a political murder that shocked the world, the killing of Aung San and six other ministers of the government this day, as Burma's Martyrs Festival

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